NP 40-II Easily located

The unique design of NP40-II results in a baler with small dimensions, large feed opening and compact bales.

NP40-II compacts most material: paper, cardboard, soft and hard plastic etc. in a profitable and sustainable way. Its low height and weight facilitate placing near the sorce of material. The PLC control system surveys starting-up and operation for best performance and highest safety.

  • Generous feed opening with a convenient loading height
  • Close the feed door for automatic compaction
  • Ready bale indication by a flashing lamp
  • Open the door and strap the bale
  • The built-in bale ejection device simplifies the ejection of bale
NP40-II is fast and silent-running with a total height of only 1.79 m.
NP40-II is the smallest in our range of balers but has the same good features as the larger ones: high capacity, bale indication, built-in bale ejection, phase control etc. NP40-II Monterad Maskin.188 NVA.jpg
Safe and easy fastsättning IMG_2477.jpg
Fast and easy to operate IMG_2552.jpg
Each roll can be replaced sepatately halvpall IMG_2458.jpg
A volume reduction of up to 95%! Front öppen dörr skugga IMG_2525.jpg
A lot of volume at a minimum of floor space kartong skugga IMG_2555.jpg
Silent-running with a good work environment Front lucka90 skugga IMG_2502.jpg
High capacity thanks to low loading height and generous feed volume