NP 100-II

A new version with even higher capacity!
The further development of our popular NP100.

•    Compacts paper and cardboard, plastic foil, crates etc. into a bale
•    High compaction pressure and generous feed opening on a minimum of floor space
•    Very low noise level
•    Convenient operating height
•    Total height only 2.07 m
•    Very reliable, proven long-lasting performance, even outdoors
•    Can be moved by a pallet truck and placed near the source of material
•    Customizing for different needs
•    New technique: Plug'n Press, Stay'n Hold and direct drive with double motors Frontbild skugga NVA.jpg

The heavy-duty baler from Sweden with bale weights up to 400-500 kg. Balar plast well.jpg
The bale is tied with four straps and easily removed by the safe built-in 2-hand manoeuvred ejection system. Panel.jpg

Distinct indication of operating status. FEM Pressplatta.jpg

Optimization of material and dimensions results in a sustainable product. Vy_Pressplattan.jpg
NP 100-II has double motors, which gives a highly efficient compaction with very low noise level. The waste volume is reduced by up to 95%!

Reduced outer dimensions but higher capacity! cad.jpg
NP100-II is constructed for long-lasting performance - good for economy as well environment.