NP60-II - the mid-size baler

NP60-II is the updated version of NP60. Just like the NP80-II it has a door magnetic safety switch and inductive sensors. Customized functions can easily be switched on/off. New signal indications facilitate the use and trouble-shooting.

The unique construction gives this baler small dimensions, a large feed opening and good bale weight. Material that can be compacted is paper, cardboard, plastics etc. - profitable recycling with care for the environment.

The NP60-II is quiet, quick and only 1,85 m high!

  • Reliable worm drive - no hydraulic oil!
  • Close the feed door for automatic compaction
  • Safe and easy built-in bale ejection
  • Easy to place and relocate, with a pallet truck
An NP60-II in combination with one or many Bag Packers is a cost efficient solution. Thanks to its large feed opening, the NP60 can easily compact a 240 litres bag. FS1 Front IMG_2246.jpg
NP60-II with new features 2013. FS vy_uppehöger IMG_2248.jpg
The feed door opened 90° as standard - can also be opened all the way down. front lucka90grader plast IMG_2241.jpg
Convenient loading height and large feed-volume. of bags.jpg
NP60-II is handling 240 liter bags thanks to its large feed-volume. kartonger NP60.jpg
Suitable for several kinds of material - paper and plastic foil, etc IMG_2174.jpg
Customized functions by simply pushing a button. använda balpress Dra band genom pressplattan.jpg
By ready bale indication, open the door and strap the bale.