HP25 - Manual Press for plastic foil

HP25 is equipped with lockable castors and can easily be moved where it is needed.

Manual and easy to use for compaction of plastic foil and other soft plastics.

  • The long stroke of the press ram makes a compact bale, which also simplifies the feeding of material.
  • The press ram is automatically locked in its down position, keeping the material under pressure.
  • The bales are easily handled because of their weight (15-25 kgs, depending on material). The bales can be stacked in layers and four bales fit on a EUR-pallet.

The combination of a baler, that handles cartons etc, and an HP25, taking care of plastics, is a suitable solution, when the amount of plastics does not exceed 40-60 kgs per week.

http://www.nva.se/en/Upload/Pages/377/591/s_HP25 Monterad 2015.120.jpg
HP25 a highly efficient manual baler.
http://www.nva.se/en/Upload/Pages/377/591/s_HP25 Monterad Pressplattan upp.119.jpg
Easy to load soft plastic into the chamber
http://www.nva.se/en/Upload/Pages/377/591/s_HP25 Monterad 2015.126 Hand.jpg

The press ram is automatically locked after compaction.

http://www.nva.se/en/Upload/Pages/377/591/s_HP25 Monterad 2015.118.jpg
The press ram goes far down into the chamber, giving a compact bale.
http://www.nva.se/en/Upload/Pages/377/591/s_Bandrullar DSC00863.jpg
The two rolls are placed on the top of the press ram.
http://www.nva.se/en/Upload/Pages/377/591/s_Bandögla runt knopp DSC00875.jpg

Before compaction, the bale strapping are attached at the front.

http://www.nva.se/en/Upload/Pages/377/591/s_HP25 ArbetsYta.jpg
Drawing, outside dimensions.